Mountaineer magazine

Title: Mountaineer
Client: The Mountaineers
Application: 56-64 page bi-monthly and quarterly magazine
Role: Managing Editor, Art Director, Lead Designer
Materials: print, digital
Circulation: 10,000

As the managing editor for Mountaineer magazine, I had the opportunity to lead a creative team of volunteer contributors, including writers, editors, proofers, and graphic designers. Together, we put together a quality publication that really got to the heart of what it meant to be a Mountaineer. This publication included interviews, regular conservation, development, and membership columns, along with directories for the organization’s many activities and courses. Each issue involved interviewing members of the outdoor community like the famous rock climber, Alex Honnold, or Mountaineers donors and board members. One of my favorite parts of the job was mentoring and coaching other writers as I edited their work, to help them tell their stories in a strong voice the way they wanted to be heard.

When I first started, this publication was being printed out of state, at the cost of both the environment and the organization. Within a month, I connected with local printers to produce a full-color product on recycled paper that reduced the carbon footprint and saved the organization over $5,500/year.

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